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WanderKnit Patagonia New Passenger Kit

Patagonia is a region known for its rugged natural beauty and abundant wildlife. The two hats and the bandana cowl are shown in colors that reflect the land and seascapes of the area. Each piece, made with HiKoo® Highland Lux, will keep you toasty and warm on your next outdoor adventure!

The included patterns will be unavailable for purchase outside of the program for 3 months - ensuring exclusivity for participating travelers.

Each Kit contains:
Patagonia-inspired travel brochure
Copies each of 3 patterns and yarn to make each in the sample colors shown 
Packet of Penguin Stitch Stoppers (2 per pack)
Yerba Maté tea bag
WanderKnit™ project tag
15mm sheep button

Patterns included:
Mount Fitz Roy Hat
Grey Glacier Bandana Cowl
Southern Andes Cap