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WanderKnit Morocco

Featuring Madrona, our three patterns pull from architectural and cultural aspects found throughout the country. The elaborate tilework found on a variety of surfaces often feature an aspect of the Ogee design. The Ogee shape is interpreted through colorwork and cable techniques in our cowl and mitts designs. The luscious, airy shawl/scarf “sharf” is a fusion of words and the flowy aspects of kaftans and the hooded garments commonly worn by Moroccans.  The included patterns will be unavailable for purchase outside of the program for 3 months - ensuring exclusivity for participating shops.

Included in the kit:
Morocco-inspired travel brochure
Copies each of 3 patterns and their corresponding yarns, in sample colors (if available)
Ceramic coaster inspired by Moroccan tilework
Ras el Hanout spice packet
WanderKnit project tag
Turquoise Ogee-inspired coconut button

Patterns included:
Zwinia SharfTadia CowlBarqia Mitts